My story
As a teenager, I had a vision of working in television as a studio cameraman, so quickly got to work learning the ins and outs of the family camcorder. I was fascinated with sound too, and my interest gradually began to shift towards this - in particular local radio. Aged 16, I wrote to many radio stations in Northern England in search of a foot in the door, unfortunately at that time the door was firmly shut! I wasn’t deterred though, and on completion of an audio diploma course at Spirit Studios Music school in Manchester, I secured my first audio role at a local sound production facility. Within a couple of years I became Head of audio production, running commercial and corporate studios and directing voiceover professionals on a daily basis, whilst learning everything I needed to know about the industry. Eventually I myself began to voice scripts, my down-to-earth northern voice naturally ‘worked’…

And here I am.

Since turning freelance as a professional voiceover artist over a decade ago, I’ve been cast as the voice for thousands of projects all over the world ranging from national television commercials to video games, promos to documentaries. It's a privilege to collaborate with so many talented and creative producers and directors and the best thing is, every single script I read offers an exciting new challenge. So, if you require a trustworthy Northern sound with a touch of modern and gravitas thrown in for good measure, then perhaps I'm your voice?

Why work with me?I voice for well-known brands and work at the highest level. Advertising agencies, creative directors and producers trust and enjoy working with me. I’m efficient, easy going and great to deal with.
In-PersonI attend voice over bookings at London post production studios. During in-person sessions I am personable, friendly and down-to-earth. It’s always great meeting clients face to face, sitting in the voice booth whilst being directed through the studio glass. This always generates fantastic results. I take direction well, can effortlessly grasp where a client wishes to go with a brief, and throw my own ideas into the mix where I feel it may be useful. I can attend in-person bookings at short notice.RemotelyI have my own broadcast quality recording studio at home, on a par with Soho post production studios. This enables live, remote sessions with clients. The main advantage here is that I’m available at the drop of a hat to jump into the booth and dive into the next project. Clients can either direct live via Source Connect or similar technology, or I am able to record a session undirected, and deliver high quality audio via secure transfer. Home studio sessions can provide a substantial cost saving to clients, whilst still producing fantastic results.The case for humansThere is no hiding away from the fact the landscape is changing with regards to humans and artificial intelligence in the workplace. AI generated cloned voices do exist and may prove adequate for some low budget projects. There are clear and obvious ethical concerns with regards to ‘cloning’ a human voice for profit though, and I speak not only for myself but no doubt the whole ‘human’ voiceover community, in saying that an AI generated voice can not provide the emotions, feelings, heart and mind that a human can; a ‘human’ vocal performance - with all the expressions, inflections and nuances we deliver on every take. These are subtle and important vocal qualities that only a human can provide once the record button is pressed.The record button will never be pressed when using a cloned AI voice, period. Creative livelihoods worldwide hang in the balance. There is no reason why we can’t respect and value each other’s work, intellectual property and integrity, and find a space where we can co-exist with constructive, rather than more threatening forms of AI.
What is my voice used for?
I provide voiceover for: Commercials, Documentaries, Voice of God, Radio imaging, Television promos, Corporate narration, Explainer videos, IVR & On Hold messages, Video games, Audiobooks, Television sponsporship, E-Learning, Animation, Cinema.

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